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 Tower expansion of the Municipal Courthouse

Tel Aviv Courthouse 

The new law court building of Tel Aviv (40,000 sq"m) is built adjacent to the  brutalist masterpiece law court designed by architect Yacov Rechter in 1965.

our new building is connected to it and together they form a united and open public space at street level. Above street level forms  a "campus of law" , three large buildings that deal with 60% of all trials in Israel. The complex covers a hole city block and is comprised of two main sections:


1) A tall horizontal podium that connects with  the existing podium of 1965 and contains largely the open public foyer, Here we tried to invent a contemporary interpretation of 60s architecture.

2)The court tower- situated at the most north western corner of the site as not to block and overshadow the old court but rather  to unravel bit by bit the complexity and multitude of architectural  layers from a pedestrian's point of view. 

The design is contemporary and  dynamic as if to place the building in a "tell Aviv " context.

The complex  has a very high sustainability standard and is the first of its kind in Israel, a real pioneer in the design of public buildings.

beautiful natural light seeps through the buildings public spaces with its two " light wells " grand patios that act as  great scales, The space in between becomes the space of justice and equality for all.


The court building and tower has instantly become an important landmark in the ever changing landscape of the city of Tel Aviv And marks with its contemporary colorful facades the importance of the great civic and democratic center of Tel Aviv.

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