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The Kfar Saba Cultural Center

 Kfar Saba 

Our approach to the design of this most important cultural edifice was to keep the beautiful 60's building envelope and to totally excavate the building's inside thus rebuilding it with a completely new design concept

our building is a contemporary art center with a multitude of complimenting cultural activities An Auditorium with excellent natural acoustics (and a top of the line electroacoustic system) for dance ,theatre ,classical, Jazz  and rock music with 830 seats all with great sight lines.

A city library with some 200000 books on three open space floors.A small Archeology museum. Exhibition spaces for contemporary art.

Since its opening 3 months ago This space for culture has become a central "player" in the Israeli art world and already is considered as one of the top in the country.

The city of Kfar Saba now has the tool to become a true capital of culture for the hole Sharon region.

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