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Our Approach


           For over eighty years, Rechter Architects have shaped the landscape of Israel. With designs and structures in all forms of the Arts from countless Theaters and Cultural Centers to Performance Centers and Musical Conservatories around the country. Begun by the late Zeev Rechter in the early 30s, Rechter Architects have not only maintained the course set forth in the burgeoning of a country, but gathered strength and integrity over time.While always looking to the future, yet learning from the past. From his successor and son, Ya'acov Rechter unto his Grandson and the current CEO of the firm, Amnon Rechter, answering the demand for high quality design and establishing not only an understanding for public, cultural and education but a true passion and drive for beauty in architecture has facilitated an expansion of the practices reach to all corners of the world. With project proposals in China, Norway, Singapore and Serbia, Rechter Architects has truly began to spread its style globally.

Amnon Rechter

Ceo - Rechter Architects

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